Its your wedding…
obviously, you are the celebrities for the day…
until we bust through the door!  

David and Gareth, the stars of Channel 4’s “Lookalikes”,  at your wedding!??

The Surprise of us crashing through the door will blow your guests away with excitement.  We can then give our professional marital advice or our hilarious  “Mr and Mrs” quiz.   As the excitement settles we hand the stage back and you can carry on with your speeches.  

You may then want to get your photographer to take some photos with us.  We can do a short bit of mingling, magic tricks and selfies with your guests.   We then say our “goodbyes”and pretend to disappear only to appear again later to for the first dance.   

Everybody is called in for the first dance …but wait the masters of the party take to the floor and bust some moves.  Only to be chucked off the dance floor by the real champions of the the disco, “The Bride and Groom”.   We get you all to join in with the dance, then afterwards had over to the DJ.  

We have several options  from meet and greet to a full show with “Gareths safety in  relationships” demonstration and Davids “MC Hammer fused with Flash dance S**T!” 
So for all the wrong reasons, get in touch and let us put the wow into your day!



Tel:  07976 661084