“You will never work in a place like this again….
And you’ll never have another boss like me…
Someone who’s basically a chilled-out entertainer, yeah?”

Meet & Greet / Mix & Mingle

You can book an entertainer to disappear in to the crowd…or…
“BOOM!”  David and Gareth, meeting your guests at the entrance and have them laughing before they have even put a foot through the door.  Then David and Gareth will mingle with amazing Close up Magic and comedy banter.

After Dinner Speaking

We will then give you a 30 minute show.  David will give you his ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’ spoof Motivational Speech with Gareth, the health and safety officer, by his side.  Your top achievers join us on stage for the famous “Flash Dance Fused with MC Hammer S**t” Dance.

Hosting Award Ceremonies and Compering

If you want to keep the evening running smoothly David and Gareth have the ability to ad lib and think on their feet. Not only have we got loads of awards, we have also hosted loads of award ceremonies.  
Yeah, after all its not just about you!

David’s genius management and entertainment skills  go hand in hand, obviously.  
Gareth’s magic…he’s a member of the Magic Circle!
So get down to the Nitty Gritty, get in touch!
Trade Shows and Exhibitions

We are the biggest Management gurus in the business…and we are on your stand?!  It’s the best investment you will make when having a trade show!…Yeah?

The aura of “management genius” will pull potential customers to your stand.  A #selfie with us and your hashtag will soon be spread far and wide on social media.

You will have your  brand banded around the around the “corridors of power” at the exhibition. Other exhibitors will be jealous that they didn’t think of it first.

Corporate and Promotional Videos

You got a point to make?  David and Gareth will knock one off and get it in the can! 
We have been involved in loads of corporate sales, training and promotional videos, our mannerisms come across on screen so well, you would be forgiven for thinking we are the real thing. 
When it comes to ‘Viral’  we are “Simply the Best!”

Get in touch Brent

Email:  info@officelookalikes.co.uk

Tel:  07976 661084